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[Visit Korea] What is the current entry procedure in Korea?

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  • Date2023-02-15 15:16:38
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VISA Or K-ETA: ​For entry to Korea, all foreigners must have a K-ETA or a valid visa. The K-ETA process will take around 72 hours, and the result will be sent to your email address directly. Please have the printed  copy ready. Participants can find information here to check whether a visa is required to visit Korea or not.
*At the moment, applicants from China, Macao, and Hong Kong MUST bring a negative PCR  confirmation certificate for screening conducted within 48 hours, or RAT negative within 24 hours confirmation certificate as reference and complete inputting of the relevant results into Q-CODE (those without such certificate won't be allowed to board the plane)

② There are no Covid 19 requirements at present for entry to Korea. Instead, it makes use of the Q-Code system. The Q-code system recommends that, for easier and faster entry, all people entering Korea  upload their health conditions before entering . The quarantine information input in Q-code will be saved by encoding in QR-Code. For detailed Procedures, please visit “Q-Code Guides.

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