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Important Notice For VISA-FREE Entry countries

Following the implementation of K-ETA from 1 September 2021, nationals of 112 countries/regions, who were eligible for visa-free entry, now need to apply for K-ETA in order to receive a boarding pass. K-ETA authorization is generally valid for multiple trips over a period of two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. Application fee - 10,000 KRW/person (additional fee 3% of the application fee may apply)


  • Nationals of K-ETA eligible countries/regions can apply for K-ETA via the official K-ETA website( or mobile Application(K-ETA).

  • ※ By using the mobile application, the applicants can easily take a photo and instantly upload it.

  • ※ Please keep in mind that the assessment can take more than 72 hours depending of the situation

  • A family or tour representative can apply for K-ETA for up to 30 people at once.

  • Please note that the information entered cannot be modified once the application is submitted.

  • In case of submitting incorrect application, you need to re-apply for K-ETA. Make sure all information is filled in correctly before making a payment.


  • K-ETA is mandatory for nationals of 66 visa-waiver countries/regions and 46 designated visa-free entry countries/regions who enter Korea without a visa. However, due to COVID-19, currently, ONLY ① nationals of 107 countries/regions visa-free entry is available and ② ‘Priority Entry (Business) Persons’ of the 5 visa-free entry suspended countries/regions as an exception can apply for K-ETA.

  • Person who is a national of a K-ETA required country, but is exempt from K-ETA.

    • - Registered foreigners and VISA holders
    • - Dual nationality holders who have a valid Korean passport
    • - USFK service members (under SOFA), UN passport holders
    • - Aircraft and ship crew member, Transfer passenger
    • - ABTC holder (USA and Canada are not included)

  • Person who is a national of a K-ETA required country in principle, but obtained approval for K-ETA exemption from the Ministry of Justice in advance through the request of relevant organizations by submitting a list of names via official channel.

    • - Diplomatic or official passport holders
    • - Dependents of USFK members, civilian component, etc. (under SOFA)

Validity of K-ETA

  • K-ETA is valid 2 years from the approval date regardless of the number of entries.
    ※ If your passport expires in less than 2 years, your K-ETA also will expire on the expiry date of your passport.

  • Please refer to the link ( for the duration of the allowed visa-free stay.

  • K-ETA is NOT a visa. K-ETA approval does not guarantee admission to the Republic of Korea. A Korea Immigration Service officer at a port of entry will have the final determination.

  • K-ETA Center is providing foreign language consultation in English, Russian, and Thai. Please leave your inquiries through the official K-ETA website [ – Notice – Questions]. (Weekdays from 09:00~12:00, 13:00~18:00 KST)

Participants can find information here to check whether a visa is required or not to visit Korea.

VISA-free Entry countries Korea Visa Portal

- The countries still eligible for visa-free entry are as follows. (Updated on April 1, 2022, 96 Countries)

50 Eligible Countries

Europe Spain, Slovakia, Estonia, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Greece, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Sweden, Albania, Andorra, San Marino, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Monaco, Holy See, Ireland, Mexico, Nicaragua, Malta
Asia Singapore, Guam, Palau
Oceania New Caledonia
America United States of America, Venezuela, Barbados, Dominica, Guyana, Saint Kitts-Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

46 Additional Eligible Countries(from Apr. 1st, 2022)

Europe Turkey, Russia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
Asia Malaysia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Israel, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Thailand,
Oceania Nauru, Marshall Islands, Fiji, Tuvalu, Australia,
America Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Brazil, Saint Lucia, Suriname, Haiti, Antigua and Barbuda, El Salvador, Uruguay, Jamaica, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Argentina, Honduras, Paraguay, Ecuador
Africa Republic of South Africa, Lesotho, Morocco, Mauritius, Botswana, Seychelles, Eswatini, Tunisia

※Japan, Macau, Taiwan : Temporary Eligible Countries by December, 2022


Temporary suspension measures have been applied to 16 countries/regions* that have a visa-waiver or visa-free entry program with the Republic of Korea as of April 1, 2022.

Accordingly, persons with a passport from the relevant 16 countries/regions, which are subject to the suspension measure as listed below, are required to obtain a visa from a Korean diplomatic mission to enter the Republic of Korea.

13 Countries
Asia (4) Brunei Darussalam, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Hong Kong
Americas (3) Grenada, Panama, Peru
Oceania (6) New Zealand, Micronesia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Tonga


ISSW34 Secretariat provides a letter of invitation to attendees with accepted papers, posters, or members of the committee.
If you need this letter for your visa application, please download the form and fill it out.
After filling out the form, please send it to us by email at

The letter will be sent to you by email in PDF format within 10 working days after receiving the request with sufficient information. If you need the original copy of the invitation letter, the fee will be charged to you to send the copy via EMS.  For more information, please email the Secretariat at