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National Symposium on Shock Waves in Korea (NSSW Korea) is an academic organization of researchers from various fields to revitalize shock wave research in Korea as the applied technology related to shock waves develops rapidly in recent years.

In early 2017, the NSSW Korea promotion committee (Chairperson: Prof. Heuy Dong Kim) was formed and agreed to exchange information on shock wave related research and promote interdisciplinary research. As a result in early 2018, the NSSW Korea (first president: Prof. Yung Hwan Byun) was officially established.
In the establishment of NSSW Korea, several advisory members (IAC) of ISSW cooperated as founding advisors, and there was also support from the International Shock Wave Institute (ISWI).

The NSSW Korea currently has a total of 6 fields including aerospace/astronomy, mechanical/metal/chemical/high energy, medicine/bio, civil/construction/mining resources, offshore/shipbuilding, electric/plasma/transportation and others. The symposium is held at the beginning of every year. About 150 to 200 researchers from various academic backgrounds attend this symposium, presenting the latest research results, and becoming an academic forum to exchange research information and the latest research trends. The NSSW Korea is contributing not only domestic-wise, but also to the growth of international shock wave research and applied technology.