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[Notice] Multiple Presentations of Papers & Publication

  • NameSecretariat
  • Date2022-12-09 16:54:48
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Multiple Presentations of Papers
When one author (or one institution) presents multiple papers, in principle, one presenter per registration needs be made. However, in order to encourage the publication of excellent research results, the ISSW34 LOC considers that one presenter could present a maximum of two papers, in this case, the first paper needs to be paid for full registration, and the second needs to pay the registration fee equivalent to 33% of the full registration.
Therefore, if one presenter (or institution) presents three or more papers, full registration is required starting from the third paper.

Proceedings Publication
After abstract acceptance is announced, the authors of all the accepted abstracts will be encouraged to submit a full paper which will be included in the ISSW34 Proceedings by Springer.
The ISSW34 Proceedings will be published after the ISSW34. Those who wish to purchase them can apply at the registration. 
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