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Call for abstract for ISSW34 (Deadline: Dec.17, 2022)

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International Symposium on Shock Waves (ISSW34)
16-21 July 2023, Daegu, Korea
Call for Abstract

Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to Dec. 17(Sat), 2022

Topics and Scope

The topics of ISSW34 cover all aspects of shock waves and applications, including the areas listed below.
  • Blast waves
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Chemical reacting flows
  • Detonation and combustion
  • Diagnostics and flow visualization
  • Explosive blast wave
  • Facilities and instrumentation
  • High enthalpy gas dynamics
  • Industrial Applications
  • Medical and biological applications
  • Multiphase flows
  • Nozzle flows and supersonic jet
  • Numerical methods
  • Plasma and magnetohydrodynamics
  • Richtmyer-Meshkov instability
  • Shock waves in dense gases
  • Shock waves in internal flows
  • Shock waves in liquids
  • Shock waves in rarefied gases
  • Shock waves in solids/impact and compaction
  • Shock/boundary layer interaction
  • Shock-vortex interaction
  • Spectroscopy
  • Supersonic and hypersonic flows

Important Dates of Submission

• Deadline for Abstract Submission: December 17, 2022
• Deadline for Full Paper Submission: April 15, 2023

Student Competition

Student authors are encouraged to participate in the Student Competition. A total of 12 winners will be selected based on the best oral and poster presentations.
Students can apply when they submit the abstract on the online submission system.
The student must attend ISSW34 in person, and must make the full payment of registration fees.

Proceedings Publication

After abstract acceptance is announced, the authors of all the accepted abstracts will be encouraged to submit a full paper which will be included in the ISSW34 Proceedings by Springer. The ISSW34 Proceedings will be published after the ISSW34. Those who wish to purchase them can apply at the registration. More details will be updated on the symposium website. (

Plenary/Keynote Lectures

Plenary Lectures
  1. Holger Babinsky, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  2. Richard Morgan, The University of Queensland (Australia)
  3. Chih-Yung Wen, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
  4. Alison M. Ferris, Stanford University (USA)

Keynote Lectures
  1. Jiro Kasahara, Nagoya University (Japan)
  2. Ye Zhou, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA)
  3. Kaiwen Xia, University of Toronto (Canada)
  4. Rajesh Gopalapillai, IIT Madras (India)
  5. Mirko Gamba, The University of Michigan (USA)
  6. José Eid, International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (Brazil)
  7. Wolfgang Schaden, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Traumatology (Austria)

International Advisory Committee

Apazidis, Nicholas KTH, Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Arunan, Elangannan Indian Institute of Science (India)
Austin, Joanna M. California Institute of Technology (USA)
Babinsky, Holger University of Cambridge (UK)
Ben-Dor, Gabi Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)
Bonazza, Riccardo University of Wisconsin - Madison (USA)
Brouillette, Martin Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)
Capra, Bianca UNSW Canberra (Australia)
Eliasson, Veronica Colorado School of Mines (USA)
Fujita, Kazuhisa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan)
Gai, Sudhir UNSW Canberra (Australia)
Garen, Walter Hochschule Emden/Leer (Germany)
Golub, Victor Joint Institute for High Temperatures Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
Gopalan, Jagadeesh Indian Institute of Science (India)
Hadjadj, Abdellah National Institute for Applied Sciences, INSA Rouen Normandie (France)
Hanson, Ronald Stanford University (USA)
Hayashi, Koichi Aoyama Gakuin University (Japan)
Hosano, Hamid Kumamoto University (Japan)
Igra, Ozer Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)
Jacobs, Jeff University of Arizona (USA)
Jeung, In-Seuck Seoul National University (Korea)
Jiang, Zonglin Institute of Mechanics, CAS (China)
Jourdan, Georges Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, IUSTI (France)
Kedrinskiy, Valeriy Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics (Russia)
Kim, Heuy Dong Andong National University (Korea)
Kleine, Harald University of New South Wales (Australia)
Kontis, Konstantinos University of Glasgow (UK)
Khoo, Boo Cheong National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Krassovskaya, Irina Ioffe Institute, St.Petersburg (Russia)
Laurence, Stuart University of Maryland (USA)
Lim, Seokbin New Mexico Tech (USA)
Loske, Achim National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico)
Lu, Frank The University of Texas at Arlington (USA)
Luo, Xisheng University of Science and Technology of China (China)
Maeno, Kazuo Chiba University (Japan)
McGilvray, Matthew University of Oxford (UK)
Mee, David The University of Queensland (Australia)
Morgan, Richard The University of Queensland (Australia)
Mundt, Christian Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen (Germany)
Myong, Rho Shin Gyeongsang National University (Korea)
Needham, Charles Applied Research Associates (USA)
Olivier, Herbert RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
Omang, Marianne Norwegian Defense Estate Agency (Norway)
Paton, Randall University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa)
Paull, Allan The University of Queensland (Australia)
Reddy, K PJ Indian Institute of Science (India)
Sadot, Oren Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel)
Sakamura, Yoshitaka Toyama Prefectural University (Japan)
Sasoh, Akihiro Nagoya University (Japan)
Seiler, Friedrich Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), University of Karlsruhe (Germany)
Takayama, Kazuyoshi Tohoku University (Japan)
Timofeev, Evgeny McGill University (Canada)
Toshiaki, Setoguchi Saga University (Japan)
Walenta, Zbigniew Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
Wen, Chih-Yung The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)
Yaga, Minoru University of the Ryukyus (Japan)

Local Organizing Committee

Chair: Kim, Heuy Dong, Andong National University (Korea)
Byun, Yung Hwan Konkuk University (Korea)
Chang, Se Myong Kunsan National University (Korea)
Cho, Jae-Yeol Seoul National University (Korea)
Cho, Sangho Chonbuk National University (Korea)
Choi, Byung-Hee Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (Korea)
Choi, Jeong-Yeol Pusan National University (Korea)
Chung, Hyun Chungnam National University (Korea)
Chung, Kyoung-Jae Seoul National University (Korea)
Do, Hyungrok Seoul National University (Korea)
Hur, Min Sup UNIST (Korea)
Im, Seong-kyun Korea University (Korea)
Jeung, In Seuck Seoul National University (Korea)
Kim, Hyoungjin Kyung Hee University (Korea)
Kim, Ikhyun Keimyung University (Korea)
Kim, Jae Gang Sejong University (Korea)
Kim, Jaehee Pinocchio Orthopedics Clinic (Korea)
Kim, YunHo Pusan National University (Korea)
Lee, Hyoung Jin Inha University (Korea)
Lim, Seokbin New Mexico Tech (USA)
Myong, Rho Shin Gyeongsang National University (Korea)
Park, Gisu KAIST (Korea)
Park, Kwangsun Seoul Sun Orthopedics Clinic (Korea)
Park, Soo Hyung Konkuk University (Korea)
Ryu, Jaiyoung Chung-Ang University (Korea)
Shin, Jichul University of Ulsan (Korea)
Yang, InYoung Korea Aerospace Research Institute (Korea)
Yeom, Geum Su Kunsan National University (Korea)
Yoh, Jai-Ick Seoul National University (Korea)

Gisu Park, KAIST (Korea)

Kyoung-Jae Chung, Seoul National University (Korea)

Secretariat (MICE Co., ltd) E-mail:  TEL: +82-53-943-1400

The 25th ISMST World Congress will be held at the same venue.
ISMST: International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment
July 21-23, 2023, EXCO, Daegu, Korea

The primary purpose of the ISMST is the exchange of experiences and knowledge about extracorporeal
shock wave therapy (ESWT) in the medical field. The annual congresses established by the ISMST have
created the possibility for exchanging experience and knowledge between many personalities in the medical field.
Detailed information can be available at

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